Welcome to my little corner of the world! I am first and foremost a wife and mom. A few years ago, our family made the scary but exhilarating leap into single-income status. Meaning, I cleaned out my beautiful "career" office, hugged my colleagues goodbye, and set sail for new adventures at home, with our three, still-growing children.

I've since become a room mom, a social media consultant, and, as a longtime journalist and writer, have allowed my creative side a new place to explore my love of words, style, photography, and-- without a doubt-- my nearest and dearest. A year ago, I added hand-crafted cookies to that list, with family & friends among my first customers. I honestly couldn't have done it without them.

Thank you for stopping by. I guess if I had to declare a goal for mysweetviolette, it would be to encourage and inspire, incite and share. In reality, this is simply a website, but it's also a tiny table dressed in linens, French macarons, peonies, and iced tea for leisurely visits with you. And when we tire of talking and eating, we grab balloons big as tree houses, float above time, and land on a pirate ship in the middle of the ocean... (Yeah, I know. But wouldn't that be fun?) xo

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