Simple (natural) scents

 Here's a take on the holiday pomanders we (and i'm sure lots of you!) made as children, as Christmas ornaments and as easy fresheners to scent the house. The credit for this goes completely to Mary Jane's Farm magazine, which i just discovered at a local Sprout's market. (She's also on instagram, Twitter, and has a website.) Set your oven to 200 degrees F, and cut vertical slits into the peels of oranges or other citrus fruits, stopping, she says, about 1 inch from the top and bottom of the fruit. I used lemons from our tree, and because i didnt have oranges on hand, tangerines. I lined a cookie sheet with baking paper and popped them in the oven for the recommended two hrs.  The heat brought the scent to life fairly quickly. Once done and cooled, hang them as is, or stud the skins with whole cloves for a deeper, warmer fragrance. Fingers crossed these will last at least a couple of weeks! --Hoping you enjoy some, too!

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