Not so hot, but quite alright

 The sickies. The buggies. The germies. Whatever theyre called at your house, we have 'em, too. It's been a month (and counting) of birthdays on weekends, sports games, dance practices and rehearsals and performances. (And school, let's not forget that.) What it makes for is a giant petri dish breeding new kinds of ick that get passed from little hands to little hands, and before ya know it, you're at the doctor's and your living room looks like an infirmary. But i like it. Well, not the sick part, but the downtime-- the pause that comes with fevers and coughs and tissue boxes, even vomiting. Yep, i said that. As a longtime working mama, Ive waited plenty to be where i am now, which is home, running the sickie clinic and stripping beds. We can sneak in hot chocolate, stories in bed, painting and coloring. We can watch a movie together, play with dinosaurs and plan a trip to see the real ones at the museum this Christmas. And that's what we're doing today. The hot chocolate's ready, and so are we...     

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