Bleached clean

[caption width="270" align="alignnone"] the impact of plain white was not lost on me and my husband when he found this stunning room for us in vernazza, italy. Our windows looked over endless ocean and waves crashing at the rocks below. The harmony of neutral-light and endless sea was flawless. [/caption] I wish i could remember the name of the director who said it. Someone we were interviewing for a movie junket, and in casual conversation he mentioned the name of a Hollywood hotel (also forgotten!) where he liked staying. It was chalk-white on chalk-white, and i'll never forget he said his time there "cleaned his eyes out." By nature i'm drawn to neutrals, but i also am in true, complete awe of the bold color that comes from a flower, shrub, or tree--- the electric, vivid hues we then try to emulate in everything from paint, housewares and furniture to the makeup, jewelry and clothing we wear. Those colors give us energy, create moods, and keep our days vibrant. But then comes the calming side of nature-- the buttery roses and creamy flushes of dahlias or silky lilies and jasmine that cleanse our palettes and bring us even deeper into nature at its dreamy best. Just plain, simple white, like a T-shirt or a bar of soap-- for "cleaning the eyes out." [caption width="360" align="alignnone"] white pickings today. Somewhere in history, unlike their relentless, notice-me counterparts, colorless flowers were elevated to statement pieces of purity for brides and ceremonious occasions. They became elegant and timeless, formal, and as foolproof as the LBD (little black dress). [/caption] 

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