A whisper of a (bargain) dress

I'm thankful for digital movies. When i need a comfort fix, Netflix saves me from scratching a dvd to death, or rummaging old vhs tapes (*guilty*) to watch Audrey Hepburn, Kate Winslet or Keira Knightley flicker on and off screen because the tape is about worn to shreds. Those comfort movies are like a warm blanket, and i'm happy that my daughters want to watch sometimes, too. I don't know how many 3-year-olds say, "I want to watch the Dashwoods," but mine does, and i looooove that. And when my oldest showed me this black dress online for just $9 because of its classic Audrey Hepburn-esque silhouette, I was a happy camper. She found it on an app called Mama, where the motto is "thoughtful shopping" and children's clothing/products are 50 to 90 percent off. I was skeptical for sure. For starters, check-out was a breeze and the money--$9.90 in total-- was deducted from my debit funds almost instantaneously... But would it be mailed, and would there be recourse if not? I'm relieved to say that six days later, the dress arrived in a small, plastic mailer, light as air. We pulled the dress out: not too bad. Wrinkled from its journey, and wafy thin to the touch. There's no lining to speak of, so a slip underneath this dress is a must. But if you look at its actual architecture-- the darts at the bust, the zippered back, the pleated, classic, A-line skirt and its overall simplicity-- it was a great, great find. And even if i could sew dresses, i'd easily spend more than $10 on fabric and notions.   The day before the dress showed up, i found these petal pink, low-heels for $10 on clearance at a local Payless. If she doesnt outgrow them first, they'll work for junior high events next year, and although we didn't plan it, they paired sweetly with the black dress for a dainty "Audrey" finish.   

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