Gone Baking

Gone Baking

It's been a crazy past few weeks, and this month is off to the same fast-paced start. (... Insert embarrassing mention of me forgetting to bring my son's lunch to school last Friday, and other "fun" stuff like that. 😬)

But it's a memorable ride, so long as we hang tight together as a family. I've never asked for more patience from my children, never appreciated SO much, the luxury of sitting for a rare hour with my handsome to catch up on a favorite show. A Christmas movie, or the freedom to actually say "Christmas" instead of "winter" or "holiday." ❤️

Today he'll take them out to get a tree, and the house will smell like pine. I could stop right there and be happy, skip all the running around that comes with this season--- the fast-food dinners and pizza boxes because life. Is. Bussssssy.



So, I'm off to keep working on cookie orders... But i hope you'll take a deep, cool breath with me, and hold on tight to those you love, and the little moments & rituals that bring you the warmest, most heart-filling happiness possible. 




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