First Impressions: Bobbi Brown "Skin Nourish" Mask

First Impressions: Bobbi Brown "Skin Nourish" Mask

My love for all things Bobbi Brown goes back to grunge music, and that time in the '90s when I bought my first BB lipliner. It was a toasty, neutral brown, because hey-- that was the look back then on models like Stephanie Seymour, Cindy Crawford and Shalom Harlow. It was also the decade that Brown's first instructional makeup/lifestyle book, Bobbi Brown Beauty, hit, and i devoured it in a day, page by beautiful page.

Brown's makeup methods haven't changed, so i still flip back on its chapters here and there, and keep it beside my sacred copy of Kevyn Aucoin's "Making Faces," which coincidentally(?) came out the exact same year: 1997.

OK, so you get the point. I'm very much a longtime Bobbi Brown fan. So last week, in need of a splurgey (but still completely practical!) Christmas gift for someone, i headed to the BB counter and discovered "Skin Nourish," one of three facial masks. What got me first--packaging pushover that i am-- was the petal pink tube. It's SO pretty! 💕 Second was its scent-- something i can only best describe as a juicy, delicate mingling of Fruit Stripe Gum and lavender. Third was the creamy texture. And fourth-- did i need one?-- was the simple fact I've always had good luck with Bobbi Brown skincare, especially the "extra" line for normal to dry skin.  I left the counter with two tubes-- one for me, and one for my friend-- and have jotted down my first impressions below. At $47 plus tax for 2.5 ounces, I def consider this a splurge item, so I hope this helps you in your own decision on whether to try/buy:

  • I bought Skin Nourish purely on a whim, lured by packaging,  brand reputation & even its heavenly scent. Little did i know, Skin Nourish is sometimes out-of-stock, which means BB fans definitely know about this item!
  • Ok, so that scent. I love it so much that i wish it came in a body cream. But i also have sensitive skin, and while Skin Nourish tends to get very good ratings among customers, i did cringe a little reading a one-star review by Paula's Choice, which largely faults the mask's "synthetic" fragrance (grapefruit & lavender) as potentially aggravating.
  • Regarding the above, I haven't used Skin Nourish long enough to experience a possible backlash of clogged pores. I also havent noticed any redness, stinging or irritation this past week. But if that changes, I will be sure to come back and update this!
  • Although it's called a mask, this is really a transparent skin treatment. Its creamy white color disappears compeletly upon contact.
  • Suggested use is 3x weekly, enough for the mask's green algae & coral grass to diminish fine lines, rev up collagen production & leave a supple glow.
  • Directions are to apply the cream liberally and tissue off what doesn't get absorbed. But honestly, I've gone to bed without doing that, and I'm not a greasy mess. I'm even using it under makeup during the day, to combat the drying effects of heaters & cold air.
These are my thoughts so far. And if anything changes, I'll be sure to update this as I said. I also welcome your feedback if you've tried this mask. (And thanks for reading!) 😊

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