Sunday morning coffee drinkers at Intelligentsia in Silver Lake.

Destination: Silver Lake, home of the hip

We were on our way one evening to Elf Cafe in Echo Park, and with some extra time before our reservation, we drove along Sunset Boulevard. One block in particular caught our attention, and we knew we wanted to come back another day to explore. That block turned out to be Silver Lake, recently topping Forbes' list of America's Best Hipster Neighborhoods, and an area of Los Angeles getting "cooler and cooler every month," so says Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop City Guides app. (See below.)

a screenshot of the Goop City Guides tribute to Silver Lake. (For what it's worth, i've seen the neighborhood spelled both Silver Lake and silverlake. Take your pick.)

This past sunday, we packed up the littles and left our drizzly city for a late-morning-til-early-evening intro to Silver Lake. We arrived hungry, though i wasted no time popping into the cutest little flower shop i've ever seen called Clementine (which yes, comes highly recommended by Goop). I think i went back in four times over the course of the day, no lie, totally geeking on the biggest peonies i'd seen to date, and the tiny arrangements up by the register. (Below.)

tiny arrangements with tons of heart, at Clementine Floral Works in Silver Lake. i kept admiring the little paper cones (made from book pages) encircling the mini bouquets, and decided to bring one home. Photo: @mysweetviolette[/caption

In no way is this post meant to be an exhaustive recap of Silver Lake's offerings, and i'll spare you the time it'd take to run you through every photo i snapped. But i hope i can at least tempt your interest to make a day trip to this hip town. Great places to eat, cool, artsy shops to explore, coffee at your fingertips, children and adults toting the occasional musical instrument (a conservatory is among the storefronts), a used record store, organic juices... The.  List. Goes. On ... Some of my own highlights are captured here, but you'll definitely want a repeat visit to this eclectic enclave to experience what you can't the first time. We're already looking forward to it!

Clementine Floral Works in Silver Lake, here and below. Photos: @mysweetviolette

peonies & dahlias to die for...

the outdoor patio at french bistro Cafe Stella. We had a great meal inside, and our kids cleaned their plates.

A bistro that looks lived in and very European, where the pictures intentionally hang crooked on the wall, but i didnt have the usual urge to straighten them. Loved everything about it, including the menu. We ordered the avocado toast, pomme frites, baked eggs, french toast, sausage, a bloody mary, and an almond milk latte, which was sourced next door at Intelligentsia. All photos: @mysweetviolette

Guess where this pretty little black dahlia on our table came from? Next door, at Clementine. Love how the businesses here support one another...

The Cheese Store of Silver Lake (below) was a great discovery, and we left with a baguette, some cheese (of course, right?) two free lollipops for the littles, and a couple of caramels for moi. It's also a great place for high end olive oil.  

Say cheese. 😊 The Cheese Store of Silver Lake. Photos: @mysweetviolette

the cutest message from a very young customer at The Cheese Store. Photo: @mysweetviolette

Bar Keeper in Silver Lake is loaded with goodies for your next party.  Photo: @mysweetviolette

Bucks and Does boutique in Silver Lake, for the coolest, breeziest, hippest of hipster clothes. Even in my skinny jeans and sweater, i felt a tad bit too casual. Photos: @mysweetviolette

Bucks and Does

Moon Juice in Silver Lake. Photos: @mysweetviolette

Cleanse your body with fresh-pressed concoctions at Moon Juice in Silver Lake, where they also sell skincare

cute cuddle friends in the back of Le Pink & Co. apothecary

another purchase, this one from Le Pink & Co. apothecary in Silver Lake, because i'm a sucker for sweet packaging. Definitely has a rich, chamomile scent but rinses squeaky clean without drying your skin.  Photo: @mysweetviolette

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